Hello everyone !

My name is Rianne Zielstra

I’m 19 years old and studying for interior designer / architect at the Alfa College in The Netherlands. Off course I am going to post my work from school on this blog. I split my schoolwork up in names of the subjects  in the menu so you know where everything is you want to find. One of the other thing  I really like to do outside school is Photography, it is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m really serious with it. I do it very often outside school and go to special events or festivals for it. Another thing I really like to do is to create drawings. For school I have to create sketches and perspective for the design of my interior to give people that impression how it is going to look like. But outside school I rather sketch free what I like to sketch.

I’ve given the name Expressions to my site with a reason because, In my personal opinion I think your expressing yourself on the internet to inspire people with your works you’ve done for so far. Other people are doing the same thing with me with their work. Because of that we get new ideas and new ideas leads to new inventions and inventions leads to more new ideas what can make people more and more  inspired than before and slowly you see the results of changing and getting new ideas. hope my explanation isn’t confusing but, thats is why I think it is a beautiful word to use as name.

( I wrote everything in english because most of the people who visiting my site will be able to understand. Only some homework will be showed in my own language )

I hope you will enjoy your stay on my blog !


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